Full Stack Web Developer

Looking for a Professional Full Stack Web Developer Freelancer for hire? You arrived at the right place! Continue to read to find out what services I can offer to you.


  • Web Design

    Transforming your ideas and creativity in a visual sketch.

  • Web Development

    This process makes the website alive, it's what happens behind the scene.

  • Web Optimization

    Have you ever tried PageSpeed Insights from Google? This little tool tells a developer what is slowing down the website.

  • Web Security

    Did you know that 80% of the systems around the world are vulnerable to attacks? My job is to protect your business.

  • Web Consultation

    You know what you want to achieve, but you don't know how? I can guide you on the right path!

  • System Administration

    Before the Interface ever existed on a computer, the System Administrators had to write pieces of code to manage the system. Today, most of the systems don't use an interface because of a lack of performance.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engines impose a set of rules to websites for indexing web pages. Respecting these rules would increase the number of visitors.

  • Cross-platform Development

    In the past, we had to write the code multiple times for different platforms. At present, we write one code for multiple platforms, thanks to Cross-platform frameworks.

About me

When I was 10 years old, somebody told me about a game named SA-MP. It is a multiplayer mod for GTA San Andreas and anyone who knows programming can modify the game to create a virtual world. I liked the concept a lot and I started to create my own server. Of course, I couldn't do it, I haven't understood anything from the source code, but I persevered and finally, I succeeded to create what I wanted. When I felt I knew enough, I founded an online community where I was writing tutorials and offered support for issues.

In 2012 the community named PAWN Team, who later it was renamed in GTA MultiPlayer Romania was born. It was a forum where you could find tutorials, resources, and support for free. In 3 years I helped many people to develop themselves and learn many new things, many of these people work in the IT domain or they are students of IT colleges in present. In parallel, from the need to extend and improvement of the website, I started to learn PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In 2015 I left the community, moving my gaze to a bigger skyline.

After I left my own community I have been working on different projects. Most of them were web applications, but a part of them were web spiders, games, libraries, hacks, game servers, and bots. Now I'm 22 years old and I am a student at Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iaşi, 4th year. The college has been helping me a lot to develop my mathematical, analytical, algorithmic, low-level programming, high-level programming, computer architecture, and object-oriented programming skills.

Known Technologies

Spring Boot
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


What My Clients Say

I collaborated with George on a few projects, where my relationship with him was very good. He is incredibly careful, works professionally, he understood everything I wanted, even added new features I didn't think about, and his prices are surprisingly cheap. What I really liked about him is that he completed all the projects until the deadline and was extremely serious.

Stefan Petrovici - Entrepreneur

No words to describe how professional and talented he is. He is doing the job beyond expectations, on time delivery, even before the deadline. Flexible and solution-oriented. I am glad I found him. Highly recommended. Sure we will work again.

Michael Smith - Employeer at Freelancer.com

George is a truly professional freelancer and I highly recommend him. He convinces not only by his professional competences but also by his very friendly appearance. The satisfaction of his customers, an uncompromising and a very fast delivery of the desired service are his main goals. In addition, he is patient enough to answer any question, without omitting details.

Felix Piepel - CEO at Piepel Automobile GmbH