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Web Development

Developing a web application involves writing a quality code based on fundamental programming principles that support a stable architecture. The application must be fast, optimized and compact.

Having a broad experience with the most used technologies on the market, we can easily adapt to the client's preferences. In order to guarantee a good operation, some automatic tests will be performed. That includes the functionalities of the application.

Software Development

Not always a web application is an optimal solution because the browser is limited in resources, functionalities and is more vulnerable. Software development can be a lot more trickier, but in the proper hands, the application will be stable, fast, and compact.

Cloud Services

Traditional hosting is no longer a solution for applications, and most companies have already migrated to the Cloud. The almost unlimited resources that can be managed automatically have a big plus in scaling, and the prices are much cheaper compared to having physical hardware and maintaining it. Cloud services offer products such as Computing & Networking, Databases, Machine Learning, Storage, etc.

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Platform
Digital Ocean
Microsoft Azure

Application Architecture

Tell us how you want the application to be like and what the long-term goals are and we will come up with a suitable solution for the development of the architecture. Over time, a couple of sites end up being heavily used and are performing poorly, mainly due to projecting errors.

Applications like Netflix and Uber had such problems, and the redesign required a long time. Our main goal is to make the application fast, secure and scalable.


DevOps is an automatic process by which code is uploaded into production, without anyone doing it manually, eliminating instability and time waste.

Before the source code goes into production, certain steps must be taken in order to accomplish this. The code must be built, and after that the application must be put into a series of tests, if it passes, the application is launched into production and is monitored.

Recent Projects

Capua Project

Capua is a platform for human resources, where the users can find a job, and companies can contact Capua to outsource the human resources department.

1 Apr 2022

Recognition of facial expressions using Artificial Neural Network trained with synthetic data

Recognition of facial expressions created in Python and Unity. For implementing the classifier was used PyTorch and the synthetic data was generated in Unity.

8 Jul 2021

Capital Prototype Website

Website prototype made in Angular for Capital's company.

31 Mar 2021

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