Capital Prototype Website

  • PUBLISHED ON: 31 March 2021
  • READ TIME: 2 mins
  • TECHNOLOGIES: CSS, HTML, Angular, RxJS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular Universal, and ngx-translate

About the Project

This project is a presentation of the Capital’s company page, created in Angular. The website contains different interesting animations and features. Unfortunately, it may contain some bugs because of the next reason. The project is a prototype and it was supposed to be published on their official website. But because of the lack of resources and the client’s non-compliance with the timeline, some features haven’t been updated.

What does it contain?

As you can see, every page contains parallax type animations, specially created with a module for this project, later reused and updated on this website ( At the end of the pages, there is a customized map with pins placed on different countries. The website contains the possibility of having multiple languages and this can be changed from the navigation bar. The navigation bar contains different animations, both desktop and mobile.

To optimize the website speed, the next technologies were used:

  • The Angular framework can offer optimization, compression, and stability.
  • Images with WebP technology in combination with lazysizes library for lazy loading (meaning when it's needed).
  • Cloud CDN for fast download of resources on every continent.

Also, the icons could be optimized more, but I invoked in About the Project the reason of it being outdated.


The first live contact with the site makes as many as 10,000 words, and the project can be viewed by pressing the below button.

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